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Beach Home Watch & Concierge

While our Home Watch Service is amazing, things can happen while we are not there. This is why we offer our optional Home Watch Remote service to monitor your home 24 by 7!

If an event occurs, you will receive an email/text letting you know!

Our Silver Service includes two water sensors and one temperature/humidity sensor.

There is a one time set-up fee of $150 and then $20 per month for our notification service*.

We can easily expand this service to meet your needs. Below are optional upgrades:

Additional Water Sensors $40 Each

Additional Temperature/Humidity Sensors $45 Each (Great for refrigerators!)

Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensors $50 Each

Indoor Motion Sensors $40 Each

Outdoor Motion Sensors $50 Each

Garage Door Sensors $50 Each

Door / Window Sensors $35 Each

Outdoor Door / Gate Sensors $45 Each

Power Failure Sensors (see Note below) $50 Each

Each additional sensor is $5 per month added to the Silver Service Plan.

Note: Power Failure Sensors are “Heartbeat” Sensors. The sensor is continuously connected to our servers. If the connection is interrupted, you receive an alarm. For this reason it works even without power or internet!

* Silver Plan Pricing of $20 per month applies to Weekly Watch customers. Monthly fees are higher for customers with less frequent visits.